Monday, January 05, 2009

Into 2009

Greetings All,

What is the forward moving direction for 2009? Or at least, what do you or I have in mind? After seeing some people say that Web2.0 is blase, thought I'd do a search. The best I came up w/ for higher ed was the question of whether a wiki could do as well as a CMS/LMS for course delivery. It most certainly can. The flip side is how students are loaded into courses--because LMS's can interface w/ data systems, they score some points for institutions who are offering tech-mediated or online courses at any scale.

Two directions that have my attention are global learning and open learning. Badrul Khan, Mauri Collins, and myself have developed a few professional development workshops with a global intent. (Go to McWeadon. Com.) Additionally, visit wiki educators and David Wiley's Open Learning Course offered for both (paying) transcripted grad credit and just plain learning.

Last Louisianna Community College System is launching courses that include mobile phone elements....I hope to evaluate their delivery very soon. Worth pursing this year is the higher-ed value of virtual ed. and the quality of mobile phone support for effective learning.

Happy 2009, Alice

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