Saturday, December 06, 2008

More Dubai

Although short, the trip to Dubai was great. See Slide 13 below: My avatar beat me to the Burj al Arab!

BTW, the host and I had agreed that I would send the PPT ahead of time. When it became evident that even the zipped file was not going to go over, I put the show on Slideshare and they easily downloaded from their end.

Sl Checklist

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Anonymous said...

Exceptional presentation, Alice! Thanks for always staying ahead of the curve and sharing what you learn :).

Alice Bedard-Voorhees said...

Hi LM,

Thanks :). I now realize this was the original slideshow and I cleaned it up even more for the presentation itself. I need to check versions.

It is interesting to see how educators are getting the V Environments though I'm reading the business world is wondering why so much of their space has little traffic--the online numbers seem to be down slightly--I'm starting to watch the numbers online when I go in.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered using Google Presentations as the place to create and store your presentations? You can quickly see which version is most recent that way... and it's a snap to access as long as you can sign into Google.

I'm watching VLEs with interest on all fronts as well. Waiting for the user friendly platform... unless you're teaching EdTech, or something similar at the 100-200 level, it's tough to justify the tech-load on already stretched thin students... perhaps just an uninformed opinion from me, however! :)

Thanks again for sharing...