Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stanza Book Reading App on Iphone--How do I get more books?

While at the Apple Store last weekend, we were helped by a most enthusiastic sales guy who wanted to show us the reader he'd downloaded. I'd used another (eRead?) and thought it was cludgy, but also recognize some of these responses are due to my own learning curves.

He said he'd just seen this one first, but was really happy with it. So I downloaded the free app, loaded a couple public domain books, and started to play with it. The settings for font and page work well, and the claim is you can bookmark and it opens up to where you left off. I showed it to someone else and she agreed the reading format was visually agreeable.

The same day or so after the visit, one of the higher ed sources had an article about how Stanza was giving Kindle a run for its use. So now I want to know more about adding other books and how that works w/ the desktop/laptop. Of course there
are digital divide questions too, and a large and potentially promising question about how these devices will forward the use of open-content educational resources.

Questions about Using Stanza

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