Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jott to Blog, New Facebook Apps, Udutu

Web 2.0 and mobile apps just keep happening. Last year I photo and voice-blogged from my cell during Ride the Rockies at the Rockyriders blog using mobile blogging at Blogger and Gabcast. This year Rocketman is the blogger for this event and we got him ready for the task with Jott and mobile photo-blogging.

Jott allows 30 second posts to either Twitter or Blogger. Twitter allows posts of only 140 characters, though, so I wonder if it truncates the posts (You can speak more than 140 characters in 30 seconds.)

I add ed-related apps to my Facebook--I can go to Skoolpool and look for colleges to apply to and even view others who've applied if they have released that info. With the Blackboard app,I can log in to Facebook and see if any new items have come out in my courses. Based on that info., I can then decide I'd better go to my Blackboard course login.

I can also share and view tests that people have posted to, which takes us back to all the pertinent questions about what high stakes testing really accomplishes when it comes to learning.

Last is Udutu--I can create courses that can run off of Facebook. Need to spend more time with it.

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