Saturday, March 08, 2008

Veodia--Live Streaming on the Web and in SL

I 've been meaning to write about this convergence again, because I would love to host a live poetry reading from multiple sites during National Poetry Month in April, and I would like it to also simulcast into Second Life. Veodia is the product that has this capacity.

Guess I just need to get an account and get after it AND figure out where I can get the script placed in SL (because I don't own any land...). More about it here from the SL Blog:


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

How are you coming on organizing the event for Poetry Month?


Alice Bedard-Voorhees said...

Hi LM,

Can't see the date on this...I've not done anything more on getting this going, though you will see I have been putting a poetry event together in Twitter.

Cheers, Alice