Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sabine's AECT Slideshow -- Slideshare + UTube

Here's another example of how SL supports instructional purpose. Sabine uses both Slideshare and a YouTube video for this presentation. She also links to some great resources for educators trying to answer questions about joining and using SL.


From: sreljic, 4 days ago

10/27/2007--Online multiuser virtual environments such as Second Life offer a non-threatening space for learners to practice a foreign language or receive pre-departure information. The simulated landscape provides an immersive experience that complements and facilitates the learning process. Meeting language natives is one of the most important value-added offered by SL's 3D online format. Aspects of social presence are discussed. Implementation recommendations are suggested. This ppt does not include the conference's audio explaining the slides.

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