Monday, October 22, 2007

Netizens--reaching across worlds

So I was looking at Stephen Downes’ e-letter again today and he was talking about his wiki book project on the history of the internet:

He invites people to contribute and says it eventually will become a book and contributors will be credited. So I begin by orienting myself to the index/categories that are listed there. It links years to certain categories and some of them seem random. But I do glom on to one and that is Netizens:

Michael Hauben’s 1992 article defined people who realize their connectedness to the world community via the internet as “netizens”:, a nomenclature that has the effect of several smart coffees with extra shots.

And by 2007, the netizens belong to more than one world.
They are Stephen Downes,; there is Jayne Cravens with UN and other world volunteerism:, Andy Carvin across the digital divide:; there is Alan Levine presenting in Australia last week Live with Ustream, Twitter, and SL:;Mali Young, Intellagirl Tully and Lyr Lobo and both Second Life grids; and LeRoy Jenkins a folk hero in WOW (which my DNative colleagues called “The New Golf”: And there is Norman Coombs in work with accessibility:; Badrul Khan in his wish for affordable global education models:, AND my family simultaneously online in Skype in the US, Bahrain, and China:

And I have to say, all are between and among worlds and some are between real and virtual worlds, but like all about the power is in connecting people from various quadrants.

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