Thursday, October 18, 2007

Live from Australia

This is the first time I had the opportunity to watch UStream TV. Knowing Alan's expertise (which he addresses/dismisses/qualifies/elluminates) and his openness to trying new techniques certainly played a part in wanting to see how this event would go. I thought the transmission quality was great.

Here's his take on it:

Quite the roadshow with multiple displays of opportunities for interactions via technology: notifying (Twittering) people that the show was launching along with colleagues checking in w/ Alan, SMS used to exchange questions and answers with participants at the physical conference site, an audio cast of the session in SL, and the live ITV transmission.

The message behind the presentation? Being open to technology opens us to how we might use it for educational purposes (in this case). AND the power of our expertise given the rate and breadth of tech development is our networks and that capacity of those within it.

Woo Woo. (Or should that be Woof Woof in honor of CDBarkley?)

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