Monday, September 10, 2007

Sending Email to a Text Screen on a Cell Phone

So you are at your desktop/laptop, but the person you are writing the email to is off w/o a computer, but has a cell on him or her. This person does not have a wireless data package either, where he or she receives downloads from their web service. But he or she is able to receive text messages.

If the cell has text capacity, there is now a way to send email as a text message, according to the Online Wallstreet Journal writer Lyneka Little. It also seems that the cost to the recipient depends on their cell package (so it may cost nothing, or it might cost the viewer an extra charge). The sender also needs to know who the recipient's cell provider is--Verizon, Tmobile, AT&T, and Cingular were ones noted in the article:

Texting Via Computer

Basically, here's how to do it. Type the email, but instead of entering the person's email address, use one of the following:

Type the phone number w/ no hypens@phoneserviceprovider.domain (net or com, depending):

Example: Someone with the phone number 123-456-7890 has phone service with TMobile( To line looks like this:

Other providers:

Verizon --
AT&T --
Cingular (for the time being) --

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