Friday, August 31, 2007

Student-Generated Content

The tools we are exploring offer great opportunity for student-created content. As Judith Boettecher says in the first article, allowing students to use the tools that enthuse them are likely to increase their engagement.

This wiki entry about student-created content was the result of the Sloan-C researcher going out to DEOS-L and asking people to talk about student-generated content. It was great to see his acknowledgement of the multiple contributors and his remark that the contributions came from around the world. So the contributors were mobilized to contribute.

And now for student created-content and mobile content—phones, web, and web-based video and image services, social-networking spaces, blogs, wikis, and virtual worlds offer potential for student-created content.

And with such opportunity comes the ethical considerations for those who teach—what student content do we want catalogued by the web?

The Horizon Project invited learners from around the globe to explore technological trends and their impacts on various societal quadrants. My interest, of course, is higher education, but cross pollination is a good thing! And here’s the link to the user-created content part of this project:

Here also, is an article about student produced TV:

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