Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Great Post: The Case for Short Instructional Podcasts

I just came across a great post created by Janet Clarey in her blog Technology Escapades.

Soon after I began searching and listening to educational podcasts, I concluded not many of us would listen to something so long and stay attentive for very long.

Janet recommends a 3 - 5 minute podcast providing suggestions such an audio response to specific student assigments or an introduction to the class.

I was pleased to create an overview for a class I facilitated last term and included it and the written script in my course shell. If you look to the RSS feed at the right, it's the third audio file down the list. It's not perfect, but our feedback had been that the former learners had been intimidated by the theorist readings at the beginning of the term, and I wanted to assure them that reading about theorists would not be the entire course experience.

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