Sunday, June 03, 2007

Google Gears: Sort of Mobile RSS, at Least Offline

Google released a plug-in this past week to allow a person to download up to 2000 RSS feed items to the user’s desktop and then read them.

While I'm not excited about needed 2000 more items at my fingertips, I can see
the value of being able to catch up on a feed when I'm out of range for online access, as I am in airplanes or when I'm in some physical classrooms where reference to a particular feed would be helpful.

Google Gears is only in Beta, and people are asking to have it for mobile phones (makes sense).

Chris Wetherell introduces you to the plug-in and tells you about its use:

Once you have downloaded Google Gears and installed it, you can see whether you are online or offline by viewing the downward arrow next to your login name at the right top of your Google Reader page.

If the arrow is blue, you are offline; if the arrow is green you are back online, and any RSS feeds will automatically be uploading to the feeds in your reader.

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