Monday, June 04, 2007

Common Craft's Cool Wiki Video and Portable Media Devices

Lee Lefever of Common Craft has done it again by creating a three minute something video on using wikis. It's available in more than one format from more than one video source, and he has included a captioned version and a transcript. is the host for this video and provides captioning capability(several languages). There is a demo at their site so you can try the captioning tool out as well. While I can send videos from UTube directly to Blogger, I did have to cut and copy the code at dotSub then manually paste it in here.

Text Transcript:

I couldn't get the captioned Wiki video to come over.

However--the code for the RSS Feed Video does display with captions--so here it is again (a repeat from the earlier UTube version).

Lee's best screens are examples of the simplicity needed for the small screens of portable media players. I do like the universal design possibilities of dotSub. Just with I could figure out where the Wiki video glitch was!

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