Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mo Co Zone's Interviews and Liz's Blog Carnivals

In the past few weeks, I've done the first two interviews on some innovative teaching practices: teaching-blog carnivals and teaching-blog assignments.

Dr. Liz Kleinfeld enthusiastically agreed to provide interviews for each of these topics. She also agreed to interviews using Skype and a phone line.

The podcast files: (See also the MoCoZone podcast link under links on this site).

Liz's Teaching Blog Carnival:

Teaching-Blog Carnival home:

Liz was great, and I soon faced my own learning curve, ones I've heard are not unsual for beginning podcasters. With my colleague Rick H's help, the pod file took about (ouch) ten hours to clean up: I'd left some windows open while using Skype and the clicks on my track are caused by that.

The second file has not been cleaned up, but I hope to do so myself, under Rick's tutelage while I use Audacity.

There are more people I'd like to interview around other interesting instructional practices.

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Dennis G. Jerz said...

Inspired by Kim Middleton's blog at Pedagogical Schizophrenia, I added a blogging carnival component to an existing blogging portfolio in an advanced Lit Crit class. If you're interested, here are some related links.

Here a the student blog carnival (conceived and organized by one of my students):